Artist Statement

`Relations Series'

My on-going series is Relations’ that I have been developing at my MFA studio since 2000 and my resent Solo was held in October 2011 Titled Prismatic relations’. Was my third, a month-long solo exhibition at the Massarelli design gallery, located at Belgo Building 372 St Catherin West, Montréal, Québec. This series of my paintings are figurative abstract expressionist style, Oil and Acrylic medium, with the theme of perception desires and parallel realities as a fundamental part in relationships. Technically blend realism with expressionism with layering coat of colors and sketchy line drawing. In this respective series, I placed the figure in a duality between having a unique and multiple identities. Expose our patterns of behaviors and reactions within relationships. Develop dialectic situations and symbolized solidity in relationship where two different forces exist together and affect each other and even more complexity. I perceive the quality of Prism exist in dissections of relationships we belong.

`Evolving Saga Series'

But beside that I have always created some painting about women and their life inspired by my culture.These works were figurative in acrylic medium and influenced by abstract expressionist style, technique was vibrant colors arranging beside with theme that present women in their work and life. I feel ready to reach out to more audiences and this has motivated me to take on as a project with this series titled `evolving saga’ is progressing.